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Offer of research of Department of The Environment

1. Area of research recovery of biomass resources and waste (prof. Ladomerský, doc. Hroncová,)
Recovering of diversified biomass’s sources and waste by pyrolysis and optimum utilization by pyrolysis products in terms of production and sequestration of CO2, respectively GHG.

We provide experimental retort on volume of 2 m3, 5 l reactor to a temperature of 450 ° C.


• Flue gas analyzer (Horiba PG-350) - a complete system of measurement of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2 emissions.
• Issue TOC analyzer Thermo-FID with equipment for determining the concentration of hydrocarbons as organic
   carbon, including:
      a) a module for measuring methane,
      b) module for the measurement of non-methane hydrocarbons.

2. Area of research of diffuse emission PM2,5 a PM10 (prof. Ladomerský, doc. Hroncová, doc. Marková)
Research and modeling of diffuse emissions of PM2, 5 and PM10 from storage of fuels and raw materials.

• Continuous Dust Analyzer beta ray attenuation method (impinger MP101M)
• Sequence Analyser PM (particulate reference sampler incorporating meteosnímačmi MVS 6.1)
• Analyzer dust mixtures

3. Area of research on field soil research (Ing. Kanianska, Dr. Jaďuďová)
Diagnosis and sampling of soil and soil solution, determine the infiltration rate of the soil (mm.h-1),  the measurement of the mobility of oxygen and oxidation-reduction conditions in the soil (µA, mV)the determination of pH and conductivity of soil (pH, µ, the determination of the penetration resistance and soil moisture (MPa)


Soil and soil solution sampling and classification set - Kit is designed to diagnose and soil sampling and soil solution.
• Tension infiltrometer - is designed to determine the infiltration rate of the soil (mm.h-1)
• oxigen diffusion meter - is designed to measure the mobility of oxygen and redox conditions in soil (µA, mV)
• Penetrologger - is designed to determine the penetration resistance and soil moisture (MPa)
• Digital pH, Conductivity meter - is designed to determine the pH and conductivity of soil (pH, µ

4. Area of research to monitor habitats in terms of future climate change(Dr. Turisová, Dr. Tomaškinová, doc. Tomaškin, Dr. Trnková)
Recovering diversified sources of biomass by measuring the size and diameter logs, measuring soil respiration and photosynthesis in research area aimed at understanding the carbon cycle and the potential impact of CO2 released during soil respiration


• Electronic dendrometer CRITERION RD 1000 (Dr. Turisová)
instrument for measuring
tree height, determine the diameter of the tree trunk at any height and determination tree height by default
Combined instrument for measuring soil respiration and during process of photosynthesis LCi-SD with a square chamber (Dr. Tomaškinová)
The apparatus used for measuring soil respiration and photosynthesis research aimed at understanding the carbon cycle and the potential impact of CO2 released when soil respiration to future climatic conditions.

Portable chlorofylmeter: Model CCM-200 plus (f. OPTI-SCIENCES, Hudson, USA)
device to determine the amount (content) of the basic dye plants - chlorophyll,
Prediction of Nitrogen (basic makrobio genic element) and proteins in plants. There is no damage during the measurement to the integrity of the plant, the method is non-destructive.

Fluorometer: Model Opti-Sciences OS 5p (f. OPTI-SCIENCES, Hudson, USA)
device uses the principle and characteristic fluorescence of chlorophyll and use the ecophysiology and in stress physiology of plants, indicates the stress of plants to various stress factors (emission of heavy metals, air pollutants nitrogen oxides, sulfur and the like., to the method of non-destructive and highly effective.

5. Area of research to monitor the working environment factors with implications for the environment (doc. Marková, Ing. Drimal, Dr. Jaďuďová, prof. Zelený)
We take measure of state of the working environment which will be exposed to physical, chemical and biological factors. Influence of selected factors on the environment in industrial and urbanized country. Watching the effects of light pollution, electromagnetic radiation, the impact of industrial noise on environment, impact of vibration and microclimate conditions on human in the work environment. Activities include data collection for the purpose of creating dispersion models and models for predicting future climate change through the GRIDs.


• Light-meters
• Sound Level Meter (with the possibility of making noise maps)
• Measuring equipment to monitor the microclimate conditions
• Measuring equipment to monitor the impact of vibration
• Measuring equipment to monitor physical activity
• Measuring equipment to monitor infrared radiation (tanning)
• Measuring devices for measuring aerosols in the work environment

6. Area of research ore mineralogy, isotopic study of C, O, Pb, study of fluid inclusions study of environmental contamination by heavy metals components of the landscape and its remediation, biotechnology (prof. Andráš, prof. Pidlisniuk, Ing. Drimal, doc. Tomaškin, Ing. Trnková)
Research is carried out through the joint work of the Institute of biology and geology SAV and University of Matej Bel with following technical features:
• Laboratory equipment crosslinking Analysette 3 PRO
• Large ultrasonic bath HP 20000 A
• Laboratory Disc Mill Pulverisette 13
• Electromagnetic laboratory separator LB1
• Laboratory oven FED 115
• Laboratory centrifuge Rotina 380 R
• Ultrasonic Cleaner Network Laborette 17
• The vacuum impregnator samples Cast 'n Vac 1000
• Microprocessor -controlled cutting equipment Isomet 4000
• Grinding and polishing machine with motorized unit ECOMET 250 ,
• Automet 250
• EDS detector for the scanning electron microscope EDX INCA Energy
• Pokovovačka JEOL JEC - 530 + JFC -1300
• D8 Advance X-ray diffractometer A25
• Microscope with a Raman and infrared spectroscopy Labrie HR UV
• Katódoluminiscenčné device FCLU / MHRA
• Program for 3D analysis and 3D visualization Ellipse
• MAT 253 mass spectrometer
• Gamma spectrometer GT - 32 Super Spec
• LSS Piston corer
• Floating Platform Universal sampling platform
• Sub -bottom profiler 3100-216
• Eckman grab sampling Spot 196 - B15
• Pneumatic hammer Cobra TT